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To prepare or not to prepare, that is the question.




Great idea for a rocket stove.


Here is an article I found you may be interested in.  The LDS Church (Mormons) believe in long term food storage.  They were doing it decades ago because they are by in large smart people.  They are some of the most down to earth, resourceful people I have ever met.  Anyway, here is an article that is interesting.

This page will be devoted to the few people of this world do not want to wait for rescue. Some people spend their lives assuming that the lights will always work, the mail will arrive and the grocery stores shelves will be full.  There are others who say to themselves, “What if ?”

Stay tuned as this blog site grows ……………………..

I had a question posed to me by a young man with a growing family.  He was wondering how his family would fare in an emergency.  I explained that you have to start with the basics.  It is very simple when you look at it.

You can live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food,  A shelter can be anything from a vehicle to a mansion.  It is somewhere you can take refuge from the elements.  Water filters are cheap, and you  can always boil water or disinfect it with chlorine bleach.  Food is the wildcard.  There are a lot of options, the most simple is beans, rice, corn meal, etc.  You can buy a lot of it for a little money.  I’ll go over more ideas as we develop the website.



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