• Things of interest today 09.19.2015 Mitch’s Mountain is now available on Amazon and Kindle.  I hope you enjoy the book.    


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  1. Ken, if you do such a thing I would like to be notified where the sequel to Mitche’s Mountain is available. I enjoy your writing style and I find very few mistakes in your books.
    Thank you,

  2. I LOVED the books. I enjoyed Jernigan’s War and Porter’s Run the best. I liked them so much that I have read them multiple times- I just take a break between readings. I would love having more of this series. I know that during these two books there was mention of the pacific coast and atlantic seaboard as being a dead zone as far as radio traffic went. I bet there was some great action in those places just like in the gulf coast. Perhaps some family member of one of the characters in the book (like Fox or Mr Lester) could get involved with the constitution army in their california or atlantic coast location? That would tie additional characters into the series. I hope you consider it. Thank you for a great read.

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